Paella (Vegetarian or Chicken)



Paella (Seafood)



Gambas Al Ajillo / shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic, guindilla peppers



Bandeja De Asados Con Romescu / assorted grilled vegetables with romescu



Verde Ensalada mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, almond vinaigrette



Chorizo / grilled Spanish chorizo



De La Casa / hearts of romaine, tomato, white asparagus, bonito, onion, olives in vinaigrette



Patatas Bravas / fried potatoes with a spicy red pepper sauce



Albondigas / traditional Spanish meatballs



Gazpacho / traditional Andalusian puree of chilled vegetable soup *(seasonal)

Small 10pp $39.99

Large 18pp $59.99


The following items are served in full and ½ trays

(A) ½ trays= 8-10 ppl        (B) full trays=16-20 ppl

Prices do not include tax or 10% delivery charge
Mixed Cold Platter

-Serrano Ham / Spanish cured ham

Manchego cheese pasteurized sheep’s milk from “La Mancha

-Tortilla Espanola /potato, egg and onion omelet

-Spanish olives / a house marinade of mixed olives

-Pan / bread  lightly toasted

-Tumaca /a puree of fresh tomato, garlic and extra virgin olive oil

Small 10ppl $79.99

Large 18ppl $99.99

Bocadillos Platter
Mixed of Assorted Sandwiches

-Vegetal / seasonal vegetable sandwich

-Tortilla Española / potato and onion omelet, roasted green pepper

-Pollo Braseado / grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, alioli

-Jamón Serrano con Queso / tomato, garlic, olive oil, manchego cheese

-Bonito del Norte / Spanish tuna, charred red onion, piquillo alioli

Small 10ppl $79.99

Large 18ppl $99.99

Tapas Platter
Choice of 2 of the following

-Datiles / dates, almonds wrapped in bacon

-Croquetas / vegetarian or ham

-Tartaletas / mini tarts (1 choice per platter)

       -Goat cheese with carmelized onions

       -Roasted vegetables and romescu

       -Bonito tuna with piquillo alioli & scallions

-Huevos Tartufas / truffled deviled eggs

-Tortilla Española potato, egg and onion frittata

-Figs stuffed with mitiblu & drizzled with Pedro Ximenez

(additional $15 per platter)

-Piquillos / stuffed piquillo peppers

(additional $9 per platter)

       -Goat cheese

       -Spanish bonito tuna

Small 10ppl $79.99

Prices do not include tax or 10% delivery charge
Fiambre Platter
Mix of the following Spanish cured
meats & cheeses:

-Embutidos / a selection of three Spanish cured dry sausages

-Quesos / a selection of three distinct Spanish cheeses

-Almendras / roasted Marcona almonds

Membrillo / sweet quince paste

-Aceitunas / marinated Spanish olives

-Pan / sliced baguette

Small 10ppl $99.99

Large 18ppl $129.99

Tortilla Española Platter

-Tortilla / Potato, egg and onion frittata with mushrooms, asparagus, chorizo or plain

Small 10ppl $79.99

Large 18ppl $9.99

Empanada Platter

-Empanadadillas de Cerdo / pork with Manchego &sweet peppers

-Empanadas Vegetal / asparagus’ with Mahón cheese

Large 18ppl $119.99

Dessert Platter

-Serrano Ham / Spanish cured ham

-Manchego Cheese / pasteurized sheep’s milk from

“La Mancha”

-Pan / sliced baguette

Small 10ppl $79.99

-Profiteroles / fresh whipped cream filled pastry

-Tarta Santiago / traditional Spanish almond cake

Small 10ppl $49.99

Large 20ppl $99.99

Prices do not include tax or 10% delivery charge